The Squamish Subdivision

In 1980 I created the Cariboo Western concept. At the time I perceived that the British Columbia Railway did not run enough trains for my taste and that getting correct equipment would be difficult. In February 2014 I realized that both of these assumptions were now incorrect. We now run 10 or so trains in session and that or more is possible with the Squamish sub.There is lots of rolling stock available for the British Columbia Railway and as well I have lots of knowledge and information on the British Columbia Railway.
I have decided to change the Cariboo Western after 34 years to be a model of the British Columbia Railway Squamish subdivision. There will be lots of redesign work.
The goals this time are to model the Squamish subdivision, its locomotives, rolling stock, towns, structures scenery and operation as best I can.
The era depicted will be 1982. This will allow me to :
Run the SD40-2's
Operate the newer NSC boxcars.
Create the Fibreco facility in North Vancouver.
Create the Evans mill in Lillooet
Operate Procor sulpher gondolas
Run the newer woodchip cars
Perhaps operate some center beam bulkhead flatcars
Create the canadianoxy facility in Squamish
Operate the Royal Hudson