This section represents many hours of hard work by the late Cliff Basler of Burnaby, BC. Over the years, he accumulated an index of magazine articles relating to modelling Canadian railways. This covers not only CN-related articles but those on other railways as well. Cliff had graciously agreed to share his work and we will continue to link to it although it is not actively updated by anyone at the present time.

The index started out as a printable document but has grown to a size where printing may not be a viable option. It is published here online as a single text document. You can search for specific terms using the local find function of your web browser. This is probably done by chosing from the Edit Menu, Find or typing Ctrl+F.

If there is enough interest, perhaps we'll convert this to a more easily searchable online database. We suggest at least you read the first couple of screenfuls at the top of the index to get an idea of the layout and structure of the rest of the document.

Note that the section on CN Lines contains an index to back issues of that magazine.