CN/GTW/DWP Diesel Rosters

These lists give the paint scheme and major equipment variations for each locomotive currently on the CN roster (including GTW and DWP) and those recently retired. This is not a complete listing of every detail known about each locomotive. There is more information in the Canadian Trackside Guide which is updated yearly, and also in the fleet histories. See also the diesel unit data books.

External details are indicated for locomotives only where they are signficant. There is a wide variety of differences across the SD40 and SD40-2 fleets, for example. Dynamic brakes are shown for these because they are signficant: some don't have them, some do and these are readily visible. On the other hand, since all SD75Is have dynamic brakes and they aren't readily visible, the fact that SD75Is have them is not indicated.

Colour details are volatile as paint schemes change and old locomotives get repainted. On these rosters, colour schemes are listed with the last date of observation. Details of the external appearance of locomotives, on the other hand, do not change often. However, since all details are not known to the Roadmaster, some of the info in these lists represents a best guess.

Your observations on colour schemes or external appearance of any CN locomotive are very important! Comments and input are always welcome and will be incorporated into this list. Please contact the Web Manager with details. Please report using the codes in the legend below.