New books from the CNRHA:
Canadian National Railways Diesel Locomotives

Diesel locomotives from various time periods.

No one has done justice to this topic in the past and covered it comprehensively and accurately from the early days of CN dieselization to the present. The Canadian National Railways Historical Association, in co-operation with the Canada Science and Technology Museum, is proud to announce the publication of this long-anticipated project. See the books page for details about Canadian National Railways Diesel Locomotives.

The Canadian National Railways Historical Association (CNRHA), formerly the CN Lines Special Interest Group, is an international self-sustaining operational research and historical society that exclusively focuses on the Canadian National family of railways, and actively promotes the art of modelling them accurately. The focus of the CNRHA is on all constituent parts of the system during periods of CN ownership. Except as background, it normally does not cover lines prior to amalgamation into Canadian National, nor components after they have been sold or leased to other operators.

Disclaimer: CNRHA should not be confused with CN, Canadian National, Canadian National Railway Company, or any of its related corporations. No intent is made to endorse Canadian National Railway Company or to associate its logo or name with any other companies. For information on those companies see

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